Magic Mushrooms: Some great ways to eat magic mushrooms

Taking magic mushrooms is a great way to escape from reality for a short while. Once you have become familiar with the magic mushrooms’ hallucinogenic effect, the next step is to figure out or find your favorite method of ingestion. One great way to eat magic mushrooms is by making shroom tea. For every dried-out gram of mushrooms, you can make one cup of tea. But first, you need to heat the water to a rolling boil. When the water starts to boil, you can add the dried out gram of magic mushrooms and wait until all the magic mushrooms sink to the bottom. It is best to cook the mushrooms for an hour to retain their potency. After an hour, you can pour the liquid along with the shrooms into a Mason jar, and you can drink however you like it; hot or cold.

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The second great way to take magic mushrooms is by making a shroom smoothie or juice. Making a smoothie or juice is an excellent way for anyone to mask the magic mushrooms’ taste. You can start by crushing the magic mushrooms while it is still in the bag. After that, you can make your favorite smoothie or juice and then add the crushed mushrooms to the smoothie or juice and pulse the blender a few times to ensure that the crushed mushrooms and the smoothie or juice mix well together. Thus, now all you have to do is out the blended smoothie or juice and enjoy drinking. Since the body absorbs liquid quicker, the effects of the magic mushrooms might kick in faster. To obtain new information kindly look at

If you want to take magic mushrooms refreshingly, then mixing them with lemon to make lime juice shroom shots is a great way. To make the lime juice lemon shots, you first need to crush the dried shrooms into a fine powder inside the cup or bag. After breaking the mushrooms into a fine powder, you pour in two to four ounces of fresh lime juice and let the mixture sit for about half an hour to an hour. During this process, the citric acid present in the lime juice breaks down the Psilocybin in the mushroom to psilocin. Thus, taking magic mushrooms brings the hallucinogenic experience much faster and intensifies the entire trip.

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The last and the easiest way to take magic mushrooms is to eat them directly raw, without mixing them with anything. It is one of the best and easiest ways to eat shrooms if you don’t mind the taste and smell of the fresh mushrooms. However, you have to properly chew the mushrooms before swallowing so that your stomach can easily break them down. Properly chewing the mushrooms before swallowing will also help bring the mushrooms’ hallucinogenic effects much faster.